[Trlog] Running TRlog in XP

Bob Lafont bob at wa2mno.ampr.org
Tue Apr 29 23:16:06 EDT 2003

Has anyone been able to get TRlog to run in Win XP ?

Specifically, rig interfacing using a PCI Com Port and LPT CW keying.

I know there are add-on programs for LPT keying such as UserPort and
Direct-io but is there a preference in operability or functionality of one
over the other?

Regarding PCI Com Ports, how did you assign them in the logfile
configuration to work with your rig. I have two PCI Com Ports, ports 3 and
4. They do not communicate with the rig if I just assign Serial Port 3 and
adding the I/O memory address does not help either.

Thanks and 73

Bob / wa2mno

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