[Trlog] Re: Trlog Digest, Vol 8, Issue 3

Robert Brandon rbrandon at austin.ibm.com
Mon Aug 4 13:34:53 EDT 2003

I found that ESC would clear the loaded-up second radio call (even without
opening the Alt-D window).

The display of the loaded-up call would sometimes disappear, even if it
wasn't a dupe.

I love that the second radio CW speed display now updates with Ctrl-Pg Up/Pg

Robert K5PI

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> From: "Thomas M. Delker" <k1ky at bellsouth.net>
> Ditto the "Alt-D" problem - the new call was appended to the last 
> unsuccessfully worked 2nd radio dupe check. This problem was also 
> enountererd by another TCG member during NAQP last night.

I noted the same thing - if you use Alt-D, then fail to work the
station, the next time you use Alt-D his call is still in the window and
anything you type is appended to it.  

If you succeed in working the station, the next time you use Alt-D the
window is clear.  I *believe* there were other circumstances (band
changes?) under which the contents of the Alt-D window would clear
without working the station.

This is definitely a change in behavior from previous versions.  

I wonder whether it might be better to provide a keystroke to clear the
Alt-D memory rather than changing this behavior?  I know more than once
in the past I've Alt-D'd a station, failed to work him, worked a few
folks on radio 1, and then Alt-D'd the same station again.  Having him
still in the window could be handy, provided I could quickly clear the
window if I was trying to Alt-D someone else.  Maybe have the backspace
key clear the entire contents of the Alt-D window?  (not just the last

Otherwise...  it worked beautifully.  I especially enjoy having both
radios' frequency displays - I had FAR less grief with not realizing
which rig was active, rarely needed the big LEDs wired to the parallel

Can we have a "MINIMUM LIGHTNING DISTANCE=" command for the next
version?  I think a default value of 10 miles (if you have a W call) or
15km (if you're DX) would be appropriate.  If it'd worked this time I'd
have had another two hours of operating time & made another 15k points
or so<grin>...
Doug Smith W9WI
Pleasant View (Nashville), TN  EM66

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