[Trlog] newbie question

Ken Beals kabeals at pacbell.net
Wed Aug 27 21:13:07 EDT 2003

OK folks, I'm trying to move into the 21st century here........

I've got the full version of TRLog 6.73, and I'm trying to run the simulator
in the Sprint (to practice for the upcoming weekend).  When I press F1 or
F2, I get one CQ and then the machine locks up with the disk access light
on.  Only way out is a three finger salute.  I've tried various other
contests (FD, CQWW, etc.) and they work fine.  Running in pure DOS, nothing
fancy, lots of memory showing.
If I just make up calls and exchanges, they enter just fine.  I can change
to S&P mode and back again.  Once I try to call CQ, it's dead.

What am I missing?


Ken WK6F

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