[Trlog] newbie question

WK6F wk6f at pacbell.net
Wed Aug 27 23:20:51 EDT 2003

Hey Tree:

Your memory is amazing.  Even I didn't remember that line......

Anyway, I only have the files that came with the program.  Since I haven't
operated a contest since about 1980, I don't have anything suitable.  If you
can send me something that will work, that would be great.

Things have changed more than a little..........


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On Wed, Aug 27, 2003 at 08:13:07PM -0700, Ken Beals wrote:

> OK folks, I'm trying to move into the 21st century here........
> I've got the full version of TRLog 6.73, and I'm trying to run the
> in the Sprint (to practice for the upcoming weekend).  When I press F1 or
> F2, I get one CQ and then the machine locks up with the disk access light
> on.  Only way out is a three finger salute.  I've tried various other
> contests (FD, CQWW, etc.) and they work fine.  Running in pure DOS,
> fancy, lots of memory showing.
> If I just make up calls and exchanges, they enter just fine.  I can change
> to S&P mode and back again.  Once I try to call CQ, it's dead.
> What am I missing?

Well, this smells poor.

The problem is that the program is looking for an entry in your
TRMASTER.DTA database file that has a name and QTH in it so it
can "work" you with a real callsign.

Do you have a log from a previous sprint?  If not, I can probably
send you one.

You can use the POST U E F command to read the data into the database
and then the simulator will work.


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