[Trlog] WinTelNetX, Telnet, and TR

J. Edward (Ed) Muns w0yk at msn.com
Mon Dec 1 10:56:14 EST 2003

I was about to post a similar message when this one came through from Scott.
I have the same problem, but it is intermittent.

In my case, the connection works about half the time ... the rest of the
time is behaves as described by Scott.  When it was acting up, I bypassed
WinTelnetX altogether and just did a simple Telnet (using the Telnet window
in Windows 2000) to a few Packet Cluster nodes, but got a similar message
about not being able to connect.  Even that was intermittent, but there was
a correlation between the times when neither connection method would work.
None of the other locals have reported this problem, either with WinTelnetX
or DXTelnet or other schemes.

Another, perhaps coincidental, happening here was that my Windows 2000
laptop kept locking up, sometimes with the dreaded "blue screen" announcing
a hardware failure.  This laptop is connected to the TR-Log computer via the
serial ports and to Ethernet to another computer in the house which in turn
is connected to the Internet.  I've never had these lockups before and have
used this laptop all over the world for 3 years now.  It has both DOS 6.22
and Windows 2000 on it and has never had a hiccup 'till this weekend.

Like Scott, I'm hoping someone can tell us that we have a configuration
setting wrong.  But, I'm baffled as to why a simple Telnet connection to the
clusters also didn't work.

Ed - W0YK

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> Hi all,
> I'm having a problem getting WinTelNetX to talk with the telnet cluster
> node. Looked at all past messages in the TR archive to no avail.
> Surprisingly, especially after this past weekend :-) WinTelNetX says it
> is connected just fine between the windows 98 machine it is on and the
> dos machine that TR is on. I'm using a db9 (serial) to db25 (parallel)
> null cable modem line, which surprised me that it worked (figured I
> would need a db9 to db9 but didn't have one in my vast reserve of
> computer stuff).
> Anyway, back to the Telnet issue: After following W0YK's fine and
> entertaining directions I try to connect WinTelNetX to the telnet site
> host address (in this case I'm using K4JA's site at at
> and I get "error connecting to host address". I tried it with other
> sites to no avail. K4JA's site works just fine through my DX4WIN
> connection.
> The windows machine has a high speed internet connection via an Ethernet
> network in my house (via a router, etc). Could the network hardware be
> interfering?
> Also, I'm guessing that somehow WinTelNetX must figure out for itself to
> use the existing TCP/IP internet connection without me telling it to do
> so?
> Is there somewhere I need to tel WinTelNetX to use my tcp/ip connection?
> Here are my settings
> Host IP or name:
> Port:	8000
> Name: K4JA
> TNC: false
> Buffer: 32000
> Keep alive time: 0 (zero)
> Port data type: Cluster user
> My call: INET
> Antiloop px: <
> Dupes: 0 (zero)
> Cr/lf: 2
> Under connect script setup:
> Prompt: (used the same words that come up when accessing K4JA's request
> for my callsign)
> Login: W3TX (yes I'm already a user of the telnet site)
> Reconnect: enabled
> Retry: 60 sec
> Any ideas appreciated :-)
> 73, Scott W3TX
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