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Thu Dec 4 13:16:28 EST 2003

You might want to check out VE7CC at http://www.ve7cc.net/
While we use it with a TNC connected to one computer in our
MS setup at VE7SV and feed the output to the TR network, you
can also use it to connect via the internet.

cheers, Paul - VA7NT

On Mon, 24 Nov 2003 01:01:35 -0600 tao at skypoint.com wrote:
> I am using DXTelnet running under Win98 to act like a Packet TNC for TR Log
> which is running in a window under Win98. The aux comm port is 2 for
> DXTelnet and the Packet Port is SERIAL 3 in the TR config file. A null
> modem cable connects the two ports on the computer.
> I am able to send spots and the receive spots. However, when I use ctl-B to
> bring up the packet screen and then type commands, I do not get an echo of
> the keystrokes I have made appearing on the TR Log screen. The keystrokes
> do appear in DXTelnet and commands are executed properly.
> 1. Is anyone else using this method to connect to the Internet and send and
> receive spots in TR Log?
> 2. If you are, do you have the same problem with having to key 'blind' ?
> If anyone has a suggestion on how to set some parameter or option to allow
> me to see what I am typing to the psuedo-TNC as I do it I would appreciate
> hearing it. I have a vague memory of full-duplex and half-duplex settings
> controlling this in the TNC world many years ago. I have not found
> how/where to set such parameters in the set I am using.
> Tod, KØTO
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