[Trlog] anyone try this?

KL7RA kl7ra at ptialaska.net
Fri Dec 5 14:43:08 EST 2003

> It would leave one hand free for tuning radios, etc. Not sure how hard it
> is to do the control combinations or functions keys necessary for TR.

I noticed this problem during the WW last weekend. I was doing a lot of 
one hand keyboarding while the other was running the RIT. Slows me 
down when the right hand does this "coast guard spiral-in search"  for the
S key. The way I have to operate to unwind packet piles kinda sucks but
I don't see a ready solution with this new keyboard. Someday, of course,
the radio's micro processor will auto-track a single audio tone and mute 
the rest of the pile. Please don't tell me Writelog does this already.

> The beauty of TR is to let you have modes and different functions for 
> the same key, depending on the mode. Hmmm, that reminds me of VI editor. 
> Everybody hates it until you learn to use it. And then it is the best 
> tool you have.
> 73, Denny, KX7M   

(esc) I
Hi Dennu (esc)R y (esc)I

Now there are two people in the whole world that likes VI, you and
the Unix? guy that wrote it. ! WQ  ctl alt f4

ED.com is by far the best DOS text editor as it requires zero learning
curve and uses no hidden ASCII characters.    

73 Rich KL7RA 


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