[Trlog] Back from HC8

Tree tree at kkn.net
Sun Dec 7 13:26:36 EST 2003

Finally getting on top of e-mail since my return from HC8.

Had a nice time down there - and the K1EA network option worked very well
during the contest.  One feature I added while down there was adding a 
note to the log when someone makes an edit with CT.  The note will indicate
which previous QSO should be removed.  Then the corrected QSO is logged.

A utililty has been added to POST that will clean the log up by removing
the appropriate QSOs and the notes.  I am next going to add a sort routine
to get the log back into chronological order.  This routine will also merge
several logs (in Cabrillo) and remove duplicates.  These new features will
be in the next release.

I think I have been convinced to add an option to increase the size of the
editable log window to 10 QSOs - and also make the "virtual" editable log
bigger - maybe 20 QSOs.  This will allow many of the edits that come across
the network to be handled in real time and allow for greater editing 
capability with TR itself.  At HC8N, we would often log 5 QSOs within a few
seconds of each other.  

I am still digesting all of the other messages on the reflector.  I think 
some of the bandmap stuff can be cleaned up pretty easily, and while the 
radio interfaces seem to be working better, I am still thinking of a major
change to the way it all works to help improve reliability.

One of the real bummers about CT going to freeware is that the revenue for
TR Log has plumented.  Not much we can do about that, but it would really
help if everyone who isn't a life member is good about sending in your 
yearly $15.  Also, please encourage those who are using the program without
buying their own copy to fork up the $$$.  It isn't that much and will help
insure that the program continues to be enhanced.  Thanks.

Hope everyone has a good holiday season.  

73 Tree N6TR
tree at kkn.net

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