[Trlog] IC-756proII question

jackn2mpu at monmouth.com jackn2mpu at monmouth.com
Thu Dec 11 08:56:56 EST 2003

> In non windows DOS mode and the baud rate is 2400 a the moment.
> Switching modes in a particular band should in my estimation cause one
to switch 
> back and forth to the frequency previosly used in that particular mode.
> doesn't.
> Is this the case with others using Icoms?
> 73, Don, W6OA
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I run the same rig and it to does not change frequencies when you change
modes. I don't know of a commercially available radio that does this. With
the exception of the WARC bands, there is no international standard for
what mode operates on what frequencies. There are gentlemen's agreements
and national band plans. CW can operate anywhere; a lot of time during VHF
and above contests if a contact can't be made on voice, the ops will
switch to CW on that same freq.

de N2MPU Jack

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