[Trlog] /MM stations?

Mike Heideman mike_heideman at hotmail.com
Tue Dec 16 09:28:00 EST 2003

>>I worked N2NL/MM, but the program (6.79) wouldn't accept either "R2" or
>>"MM2" as the exchange.  I just entered "2" and edited the Cabrillo file
>>manually before submitting to ARRL.
>Great solution Doug.  For reasons I almost don't remember any more, this
>special case is a really difficuly problem for TR.  I know I have tried
>to find an easy way to work around it several times, and have ended up
>being defeated.

In a panic I changed the callsign to N2NL/MM2 which caused TR to accept R2, 
but log it as RI.  I hadn't worked a Rhode Island so this also ended up as 
my first RI station.  After correcting both the callsign and R2 after the 
contest I ran POST, ignoring the complaint about R2 during the multiplier 
check.  What I didn't realize until later is that we were never credited 
with RI.  So I found the first CW contact with RI, edited in the new mult, 
and reran the multiplier check in POST.  It complained that RI had already 
been worked.  Apparently R2 is interpreted as RI.

So if you worked your first RI after working N2NL/MM then you may not be 
credited for the RI multiplier in your claimed score.  If you see this come 
up in your multiplier check after editing in R2 then don't correct the 
duplicate RI mult.

-Mike, N7MH

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