[Trlog] TRLog suggestion for WW contests

Barkey, Patrick M. pbarkey at bsu.edu
Tue Dec 16 14:31:31 EST 2003

It would be great to have the following switch for TR-Log:

STATS_MYCTY = YES, if zero-point QSOs with stations in your own country
                           are to be included in Rate and QSO Total Statistics

If NO (the default?), then QSOs with your own country are reflected in the
multiplier statistics only.

I finally figured out that my real annoyance at working several hundred W's during
each WW DX contest is that it "pollutes" my real-time data on rates and Band/QSO
totals that I use to make decisions during the contest as to what to do.

If I run off 30 straight W's on 80 meters, my effective rate is zero but TR-Log will
not tell me that.

The EU guys might want some further information on "point rates" versus "QSO rates"
as well, to reflect the different "worth" of in-continent QSOs.  That's not a big issue
for stateside guys like me, so I'll let them ask for that one!  Or does it already exist?

  - Pat

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