[Trlog] Configuration Woes...

Eric Hilding dx35 at hilding.com
Tue Dec 23 19:20:37 EST 2003

Configuration Woes...alive and well here.

Trying to get TR working with my TS-870S but have some glitches.

Previously, I hooked up WriteLog with a W1GEE parallel port adaptor loaned 
to me...plugged everything in and it all worked fine out-of-the-gate (CW & 
rig control).

I now have a W1WEF "Model 5" adapator and finally got my Heil footswitch 
working with it fine....but standalone with the computer.  When I hooked up 
the same RS-232 rig interface I used with WL and also plug into the keyer, 
there's no CW output/triggering of the rig from the computer although I can 
move bands up & down and set a transmit frequency.  Can't seem to get the 
Bandmapping to work, but maybe I'm missing something in the .cfg file.

What is also strange, is that my keypaddle plugs directly into the TS-870S 
"Paddle" input and works fine (dashes & dots use the correct side of the 
paddles).  Plugging the same paddle connections into the Model 5 adapator 
for TR, well, dots & dashes are reversed).  I''ve looked for any kind of 
"CW Reverse", etc. in the TR Manual and the onboard ALT + H, etc., but just 
can not figure out how to reverse the #&^! polarity.  There is nothing I 
could find in Appendix "A" under "PADDLE" options.  I did set:

PADDLE PORT = 1 in the .cfg file (which should work with the W1WEF Model 5 
unit as configured)!!!

Regarding the rig control, I set the following in the .cfg file:




Strangely, even though the TS-870S stop bit rate can be 2, I had to use 1 
with WL.  I could find nothing in the TR Manual about how to change the TR 
stop bit rate to 1 (if this might be part of the problem).  Only a 
reference about 2 stop bits being used but am wondering if that could be 
part of the rig control related situation?

Finally, is there some way to enable TR to allow for an RST *and* State 
(example:  599 CA) to be input *without* a 'space' and get parsed?  I 
believe this can be done in WL, and sure would be helpful.

Sure would appreciate some assistance with the above.



Rick, K6VVA

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