[Trlog] Re: Trlog Digest, Vol 7, Issue 1

Dave W7DPW w7dpw at comcast.net
Tue Jul 1 16:17:37 EDT 2003


I tried straight DOS and the problem does not occur at all.   Rock
solid for the five minutes I had it idling away.

Another problem I had was the Auto-CQ feature, it worked if I selcted
0.5 seconds but anything over that would last 7-10 seconds on listen.
In straight DOS, it worked perfectly up to 3.0 seconds listening time.
Thai's all I checked on.

Thanks for the hints.

Dave W7DPW

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> Hi Dave,
> I had a similar problem with an IC735 and Windows 95. The problem
does not
> occur when I run it under DOS only. I have never been able to
isolate the
> problem. You might see if the problem disappears under DOS only.
> cheers
> Syl

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