[Trlog] How to set TR for 1-run/1-SP

VR2BrettGraham vr2bg at harts.org.hk
Thu Jul 3 02:41:33 EDT 2003


>I run TR v6.73 in AACW and enjoyed the Dualing CQ at the first
>time with the following setup.
>Radio1: FT1000
>Radio2: FT1000MP
>PC: P2-300 Win98SE TR run in DosWindow together with DXSummit
>SO2R I/F: ArraySolutions SO2R Master
>Dualing CQ worked really great and +20-30% more productive than
>single band.

Really, it sounded like you were transmitting on two bands simultaneously
to me.  My friend was over at the time & he thinks the same, too - we switched
one radio between two frequencies & each time we changed, there you were
CQing, so you must have had two transmitters going at the same time!  ;^)

Dualing-CQ is a great way to really milk two bands when rates on either one
are a bit low, but it's easy to get comments like this:

NK6T-@ 21033.0 JE1CKA poor op. big mouth 0530 21 Jun 2003

Or to have an S&Ping VR2 station give you a miss as he is unlikely to stay
on frequency when his reply to your CQ (not the dummy CQ) is ignored.... ;^)

>However I could not run 1radio-Run and the other
>When I set RadioA for CQ and Alt-R then set RadioB for SP. When
>switch back to RadioA it was set to SP.
>Did I miss something?

I think the two are mutually exclusive (the name "dualing-CQ" sorta suggests
no S&Ping to begin with).

Either you do ^- & run the two bands, or you simply CQ on one & S&P the other
using Alt-D.

73, VR2BrettGraham

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