[Trlog] Newbie problem/question

Bob Tellefsen n6wg at earthlink.net
Thu Jul 10 22:39:00 EDT 2003

I just loaded TR 6.73 on my laptop, and have been following the example in
the manual
using the CQ WW DX contest.
My problem is that if I type even one incorrect character in the exchange
window, the program locks up.  Nothing will allow me to escape, as the
keyboard won't respond.  Even ctrl-alt-del won't get its attention.
Is this typical for TR?  I can't believe it is that fragile, after this many
I assume there is something I don't know about that has to be set?  Can't
find any help in the manual so far.  Any ideas what to look for?

Laptop is IBM 770.
Hard drive is partitioned for dual boot.  At startup, I can select Win2KPro
or MS-DOS to run.  Running DOS 6.22.  TR version is 6.73.

I'm not a DOS person, so don't have much experience with this OS.
Can anyone help with this?

Thanks and 73
Bob N6WG

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