[Trlog] Keyboard lockup on laptop

Bob Tellefsen n6wg at earthlink.net
Sat Jul 12 18:34:58 EDT 2003

I've been struggling to get either v6.72 or v6.73 to work on my two laptops.
One is an IBM 770 with a 233 MHz Pentium chip, the other is an ancient
COMPAQ laptop with a 33 MHz 486 chip.  Quite a range between them.  Both
have plenty of memory, however.

In both cases, I get keyboard lockup when practicing.  It doesn't matter
whether I'm using the program straight or in the simulator mode.  So
far as I can tell, it happens on a random basis, sometimes while I'm
typing in the call sign window, and sometimes while in the exchange window.
There doesn't seem to be any correlation to whatever charater is typed,
either.  Sometimes it happens quickly, sometimes after maybe a couple dozen
QSOs logged. 

Both machines boot up directly in a clean install of DOS 6.22, not
in a DOS Window.

Has anyone else experienced keyboard lockup in a laptop?  If so, were you
able to fix it?

Thanks and 73
Bob N6WG

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