[Trlog] V6.73 Glitch

David and Amy McCarty mccarty at hal-pc.org
Tue Jul 15 00:15:53 EDT 2003

I bit the bullet and upgraded from trusty, reliable 6.45 to new and
desirable 6.73 Friday night.  Made a few test contacts, everything seemed to
be working.  In fact, started the contest with Radio 1 on 20 and Radio 2 on
40.  Everything cooking.  Good start with lots of S02R.  Then late in the
second hour I moved Radio 2 to 15 and Radio 1 came over to 40 for one last
check.  Dang!  Every time I would Alt-D to work someone, it would go back to
20m.  Same problem after moving Radio 1 to 10.  Go back to 20 and CQ for a
while, Alt-D works on Radio 2 on whatever band.  After working with the
concept for a while, I decided that it would be far more productive and
error-free if I went back to 6.45 and that's how I operated the last 21
hours, even though I wouldn't have the call-on-deck feature that works so

I figure I did some little thing wrong in the config file, but I sure
couldn't find it in a hurry.  Switching back to last year's configs and 6.45
made everything normal.

I did some experimenting back in March with interfacing a radio, but had
nothing hooked up to serial ports other than keying circuits this time.  Is
this a clue?

Any clues where to look?


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