[Trlog] CQ WW VHF prob/wish

Wayne Day n5wd at charter.net
Tue Jul 15 05:44:26 EDT 2003

Well, we're headed for Belize in the morning to put V31WD on the air 
for the CQ WW VHF contest next weekend.  Unfortunately, I've been 
kind of time pressed, what with the harmonic having his new student 
orientation at Texas Tech (we just got back in a few hours ago and 
are leaving in the morning for the airport headed south) to configure 
things for the contest.

I did find two things.. both probably fall under the category of 
"feature", but thought I'd mention them.

1. CQ WW VHF is now 6m and 2m only, instead of 6m -> daylight like 
the configuration defaults to.  Couldn't find anywhere in the 
documentation that said I could limit it to those two bands, but it 
sure would be nice to be able to do that.

2. I keep thinking it'd be nice to be able to limit the mode rotation 
to a particular subset of those available.. i.e. SSB and CW.  If I 
was doing only one mode, I could easily set that, but...

73 and point your beams south this weekend!

  Wayne N5WD / V31WD
  R. Wayne Day N5WD Ft Worth,Texas n5wd at charter.net
QRV: IRLP node 3852  146.450smpx PL 100.0 Bedford, TX
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