[Trlog] My notes about TR vers. 6.73 in IARU

Toni Lindén oh2jte at luukku.com
Tue Jul 15 17:05:49 EDT 2003

So here´s my notes I made about TRLog in IARU 2003. I was using old logcfg.dat with some new modifications, and everything I mention here, seemd to be working with older TRLog version. I was using bandmap and SO2R setup. (Just to let you know about the setup)

I found out following problems with TRLog:

- Inital exchange problem, wich allready was known. Sometimes problem didn´t appear. Couldn´t find any rational reason why with some stations I had the problem and with others I didn´t.

- Using ALT - D did leave the old call in window. In previous versions ALT - D gave me empty window, now I had to use ESC key to empty the window before editing new call. (Guess how many times I left the old call in window and just typed the new one...) Sometimes window was empty allready...

- If I cheked with ALD - D was station needed and it was a dupe, upper right corner of log window started blinking untill I cheked some other station.

- Calling station with 2nd radio (using space bar) didn´t shout "dummy" cq to run radio. Earlier versions has done that. Now I had manually sent "dymmy" cq. After finnishing Qso, CQ was sent just as it should work.

- Band map wasn´t working as it did in earlier versions. For example couldn´t see my freq on band map shown as it used to be. (Black bar over the freqency I was).

73 de Toni OH2UA (ex OH2JTE)

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