[Trlog] WAE fro EU

Jan Fisher jan.fisher at virgin.net
Wed Jul 16 19:09:40 EDT 2003

I see you are back in action trust you had a well earned break  ...
thanks for the recent release . some good stuff for the 2nd radio.
I see a couple of postings regarding WAE and wonder if the following was
forwarded on to you by Ron after last years event.
1. Could you allow a cw key command that would enable us to start the
QTC receive process without sending QTC? back in CW. Often you will be
asked by a DX station if you want a QTC and if you hit control Q you
send QTC? which seems a bit odd. I know we could do an alt-k then
control-c then alt-k again but this is not ideal. Either a dedicated
Alt- key or a cw memory programmable key would be useful.
2. When in the QTC window and editing a QTC if the down arrow is used to
navigate around the window and you hit it at QTC number 5 the QTC is
automatically logged when in fact all you wanted to do was scroll on to
QSO number 6. Bit of a pain and caught us a couple of times.
3. Whilst the new programme scores the call area multipliers ok we were
not able to check the status of mults needed if they were in one of the
multiple call area groups. This made things really hard going for our
mult stations as we had no live check on the call areas needed. We ended
up using paper mult check sheets.
Checking for normal country mults was ok though.
4. With multi op the second op is used to search other bands and towards
the later stages a lot of time is spent hunting for QTCs either from
stations previously worked or fresh blood. Of course the first problem
with this is that the QTC information is not passed through the network
so the second op cannot tell if QTC traffic is needed from his S&P
activities. Would it be possible to route the QTC info to the network
and have the files sitting on both computers to give the second op
access to the info ?
Currently we get around this problem using a batch file to run a copy
routine on the QTC dat file and transferring it manually onto the mult
This is quite a list I know; however, to prioritize the order would be
3, 1, 4, 3.
 Thanks for all the support
Jan Fisher
CCTV Control Solutions www.essa.co.uk

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