[Trlog] TR & Kenwood TS850 question

David Ashworth fathom at Access4Less.net
Thu May 1 05:15:44 EDT 2003

Hello, I made a homemade interface circuit and cable that would allow TR to
change the bands & frequencies on the Kenwood and vice versa.  It was
working fine, but now has given up the ghost.  I know the interface is ok
because I also have writelog and it is still allows me to control the radio.
So, my questions...  are there a set of values (RADIO ONE TYPE =), etc that
I should be putting into the .cfg files for each contest, or do they go
someplace else?  Also, I have noticed when setting up a contest, TR will
sometimes ask if you are using TR to control a radio and what port.
Sometimes, TR does not ask for this.  I am using a PC running Win 98, com2
set at 4800, 1 start bit, 8 character bits and 2 stop bits.  I start TR
under DOS.  The funny thing is, it was working fine.  Perhaps I could have
changed something and not realized it.  Thank you in advance for your help.
73 Dave, NC6P.

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