[Trlog] NEQP oddities

Akins, William William.Akins at maine.gov
Tue May 6 10:38:08 EDT 2003

"I used Version 6.72 for the New England QSO Party. For stations in New
England the multipliers include all 50 states. Though I worked stations in
all of the New England states, those states did not dim in the display of
domestic multipliers. I'm now looking at a hard copy of my LOG.DAT file, and
none of those states appear in the Mults column, so at least that is
consistent (I should be able to edit the log manually and get the program to
rescore it). BUT as I looked at the log on the screen during the contest, I
was sure that the correct state abbreviations for the New England states
were appearing in the Mults column, perhaps every time I worked a New
England station! (I have no idea whether I can reproduce this.) Did anyone
else notice any such behavior? 73, Dave K1HT "
Dave, you will have to run the POST program and it will find and calculate
the New England states as multipliers. I had the same problem you did but
running POST did correct it on the final log.
Bill W1LEE

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