[Trlog] TRLog v6.72 and Icom 735

Akins, William William.Akins at maine.gov
Fri May 9 10:21:05 EDT 2003

Thanks to all who have helped with input and suggestions, especially Pete,
N4ZR and Ron, KK1L. I just installed a copy of v.671b and it works
perfectly. I then reinstalled a second copy of v.672 just to make sure my
original was not somehow corrupted. I still cannot get v.672 to work
properly with the Icom 735. Also, I'm not sure the post from Ted, AB8FJ (see
below) made it to the list but his experience with the Ten-Tec seems to
coincide with mine. If this is something in the code, I hope this can be
fixed in a subsequent release, as I have been using TRLog since about 1996
and would like to continue.
Bill W1LEE

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From: Ted Albert [mailto:ted.albert at fuse.net] 
Sent: Monday, May 05, 2003 9:55 PM
To: Ron D. Rossi; Akins, William
Subject: Re: [Trlog] TRLog v6.72 and Icom 735

I can confirm the same problem using a Ten-Tec Argonaut II and the Icom 
735 type with version 6.72 for getting the frequency information from 
the rig. Previous versions of TRLog worked just fine and the same radio 
with interface works fine using LOG-EQF version 9.30 with the radio  
defined as an Icom 735.

I will try the 737 definition to see if that makes a difference.

73 de Ted, AB8FJ

On Monday 05 May 2003 05:13 pm, Ron D. Rossi wrote:
> Is transceive turned off? That is the first thing to check!
> If it is already off, then you can try setting the rig type to some 
> other ICOM (IC737??) and the receiver address to 4. There was change 
> to the code which forced a strict check for data length to/from the 
> radio. The IC735 is listed as having a shorter frequency data string. 
> MAYBE yours does not?

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