[Trlog] US Counties QSO Party

Jim Smith jimsmith at shaw.ca
Wed May 14 02:05:58 EDT 2003

Trying to set up TR for this one.  

As you get 1 point for working a fixed station and 15 for a mobile it 
looks like TR can't score this one properly so I guess it's score by 
hand (or, maybe, Excel)

When starting TR I selected the County Hunter choice in the list of 

No mults in mult window but this isn't surprising as there is no .dom 
file.  Too many mults to show anyway.

Problems with the exchange.  I entered a call and put Pike In (for Pike 
county in Indiana) in the exchange window.  The Q was logged but the 
county and state weren't.  I tried putting EXCHANGE RECEIVED = RST QTH 
into logcfg but it didn't make any difference.

Can anyone help me to get the exchange working?

TIA de Jim Smith    VE7FO

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