[Trlog] Serial Connections with Windows ME

Mike Brown k9mi at arrl.net
Sat May 24 23:29:25 EDT 2003

Jim, I would format the hard drive and use Win 98 or 95.
And I would "Reboot to Dos" to run TR. Just my opinion

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> I have been using TR for years and have always been very pleased with
> performance.  This past week, the family received a new computer.  As
a result, I
> have received for my shack at 1GHZ Pentium III to replace the Very Old
> Pentium I that I had in the shack.
> Never had a problem with the interface between the radio and computer
>  The old system was running Windows 95.  New system runs Windows ME.
> Anyway, I can get the computer to key the rig with no problem.  Cannot
> the rig (TS-2000) and the computer to talk on the serial port.  I have
made sure
> that the rig and the computer ports are set up properly.  I have
changed the
> BIOS on the computer to reflect the correct address.  Have tried with
> TenTec Omni VI as well and no go.
> Checked the cable by connecting the TS-2000 to an old laptop and it
> great.  I know there is some simple solution, but not being a computer
wizard, I
> am at a loss.
> Anyone have any suggestions?  Would be truly appreciated.
> Thanks for reading!
> Jim
> K3WU
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