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Wed May 28 02:33:49 EDT 2003

Ran across this in Lockergnome.com

Might help explain some time problems:

Question: CMOS retains the correct information. However, if I go into the
Windows clock dialogue box, even if I come out of it without making any
amendment, on rebooting CMOS date/time is back to the default setting - 1
January, 2000. Other CMOS settings are unaffected. Not only is the battery
new, I have tested it by disconnecting the computer from the mains supply
for 48 hours. CMOS retains the correct date.

Answer: My best guess is a bad CMOS based on the description. I'll

Windows 98 has a nasty habit that was fixed in Win2K and XP, thankfully. I
can't speak for ME at present, but that's beside the point. On a known
working Windows 98 system, launch a DOS prompt window and type 'date' to
view the current date as seen by the OS. Hit enter again to bypass the new
date prompt, which will not mess with the active date at all.

Now, leaving the DOS box open, start the date/time control panel applet.
Change the date, either by way of selecting a different month or just a
different date. DO NOT hit OK or Apply, though. This action should not
result in a change of the active date because the action has not been
confirmed. Now go back to the DOS window, leaving the date/time dialog
running and type 'date' again... Suddenly the unconfirmed date has been made

This is important because when Windows 98 starts, it reads the time from the
BIOS, but that's all. As soon as the date/time control panel applet is
launched, it tries to actually set the date/time, which is causing the reset
due to what I believe to be a bad CMOS storage area. The new data isn't able
to be properly recorded, so the BIOS invokes the default. Strange, but true.

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> On Mon, May 26, 2003 at 10:42:00AM -0700, paule at sfu.ca wrote:
> > I ran into something strange this weekend in setting up for
> > the wpx contest. For some reason when in cq mode, if the call
> > is typed into the field and enter press, the call and exchange
> > are sent as normal, but the function keys now available are the
> > EX function keys not the CQ function keys. We were able to
> > reconfigure some of the messages to work around this, but it
> > was an annoyance, and some of the flexability we would have liked
> > was not available. I don't know if there is a toggle somewhere
> > that I missed.
> This is how it is intended to work - unless I am missing something.
> > The only other problem I encountered was finding the function keys
> > not functioning, but quickly shutting down the program and restarting
> > seemed to fix that.
> Not sure why that would happen.
> Tree
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