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If you want a "TR-alike" contest program you might want to give TLF 
(http://home.iae.nl/users/reinc/TLF-0.2.html) a try.
Console application, but runs in X-window; makes use of hamlib 
(http://hamlib.sourceforge.net/) for radio- and rotorcontrol and cwdaemon 
(http://www.qsl.net/pg4i/linux/cwdaemon.html) for cw-keying.

I have it installed on my laptop but did not do a life contest with it. 
(Antenna is still on the ground).

73 Henk PA5KT

On Wed, 25 Aug 2004 11:49:24 -0700, Kevin Schmidt wrote
> I am set up to run TR under linux very similarly to Doug W9WI.
> dosemu 1.2.2
> dosemu-freedos beta 9 rc5
> running in an x window under xdosemu
> Here is some information on the computers I have tried it out on:
> Test computer 1
> linux kernel 2.6.7, Alsa sound
> TR 6.79
> Pentium 4, 2.2 GHz, 512 MB memory
> Test computer 2
> linux kernel 2.4.22, OSS sound
> TR 6.79
> Dual 200MHz pentium pro, 128 MB memory
> My comments:
> 1. I agree with Doug W9WI that it keys acceptably above 40 wpm. I 
> usually start it as "tr slow", but that does not seem to matter much.
> 2. I also agree that doing much in other windows causes the cw to stutter.
> The 200 MHz machine seems to key as well as the 2.2 GHz one.  The CW
> stutters if I use the mouse to drag windows around while it is 
> sending. It also stutters if I start up a cpu bound calculation in 
> the background
> (dosemu hogthreshold is set to the default of 1). However, during 
> one test, the cron daemon started a job to update the slocate 
> database and while accessing disk a lot, this did not seem to bother 
> the cw sending.
> 3. sbdvp will play audio files but not record. When playing, the last
> fraction of a second of the audio file is chopped off which could be
> worked around by adding a little dead air at the end. If I get some
> time I will try to debug this.
> 4. Parallel port keying works fine and keys the rig cleanly. You do 
> need to specify in the dosemu.conf which ports you want dosemu to 
> have direct access to and their addresses. I have not tried using 
> serial ports directly.
> 5. PTT with the parallel port works too.
> 6. I have com1 and com2 defined as pseudo ttys as described 
> previously on the list. This allows me to connect to any standard 
> linux utility. Both test computers are networked (via my home 
> ethernet and wireless network with a dsl connection) I connected 
> using telnet to a packet network. Using TR's multi-networking is 
> very easy.  I set MULTI PORT = SERIAL 2 in LOGCFG.DAT on both 
> computers, I had in dosemu.conf: $_com2 = "/dev/ptyq2" and after 
> firing up xdosemu, I ran ssh recievecomputer "cat < /dev/ttyq2" 
> /dev/ttyq2
> in another window (receivecomputer is the name of the computer that
> you receive from in TR's network).  Everything worked fine. I tested 
> by running tr debug with the simulator on both computers with qso's going
> around the loop using my home wireless and ethernet.
> 73 Kevin w9cf
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