[Trlog] RE: Sprint mode question

Ken Beals k6mr at pacbell.net
Sun Aug 29 16:53:30 EDT 2004


I don't think I've completely figured this out, but I'm getting closer.  
The big difference (to me) with the sprint is that the F keys change 
mode before you are sure that the qso is completed.   So using the 
default exchange key doesn't work since the format of the exchange is 
different between modes (CQ or S&P).  For fills of one field, you can 
program an F key with the single info (#, name, qth) and no problem.  If 
you need to repeat the entire exchange, it can get confusing at first.  
Especially in S&P.  Since the call window is cleared once you send the 
exchange,  you can't just send the call window.   In the case of the NS 
(which is really the Internet Sprint format), it can get ugly.

What I've done so far is to have a single key programmed to send the 
entire exchange of the "other" mode.  So in the CQ keys there is a key 
that sends previous call, previous #, previous-previous name, and qth, 
in the S&P format (my call at the end).  Same for S&P mode, except you 
don't need to go two levels back since the call will still be in the 
call window and the name will just be the "previous" one.  So it's just 
a regular exchange with your call after the call window entry. 

I do have the Alt keys set to identical messages in both modes:  things 
like UR CALL?, NR?  NAME?  etc. are pretty useful.  I also try to use 
the same F key in all modes for the same info.  Besides having a cheat 
sheet taped to the keyboard.  I suppose after ten years of using this it 
might become second nature, but not at the moment.

For sending a partial call, just use @? in a key.  That will send 
whatever is in the call window with an added ?.  So if you have only 
entered W4, you'll get W4?  This is kind of a dual purpose, since if you 
don't have anything in the call window you just get ?     

I've only been back at this for the last year, and the last time I 
operated seriously (1971), this stuff didn't exist.  Been a learning 

Catch ya on Thursday nites.  I might even make the next NCCC meeting.


Eric Hilding wrote:

> Ken, K6MR inquired:
> > I do find just using the F keys directly to do the exchanges does not
> > switch modes until I hit the final enter.  Is that the best way to run
> > this type of  Sprint?
> >
> > tnx for any enlightenment.
> I'm sure glad you posted this, Ken, and hope LOTS of "enlightenment" 
> is forthcoming.
> My on-air resolution in the NS sessions has been to grab the paddles, 
> but maybe others besides myself would be interested in what you did 
> with the Alt or F keys as a workaround 'cuz I think simple keystrokes 
> would be less QLF at times than the paddles :-)
> Also, is there a way to just send ONLY the Callsign window contents 
> via keystroke(s) in the case of a "partial" call AND automatically 
> have "?" added?  For example, "W4?" ... for ANY type of contest (where 
> you don't want to send a full exchange yet)?  I know corrected 
> callsigns can be handled in the exchange window, but this would be 
> very helpful where you might have TWO "W4" stations calling at the 
> same time & don't want to enter into TWO potential QSO exchances until 
> you at least get more of a callsign to work with.
> Tnx & 73...
> Rick, K6VVA
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