[Trlog] Transfer freg

Mike Wetzel mjwetzel at comcast.net
Fri Dec 3 11:51:15 EST 2004


If I understand you correctly, what you want to do is the "exchangeradio"
frequency thing.  Where you swap the frequencies between both your radios.
This command works fine in 6.79 but does not work fine (only swaps bands not
frequencies) in 6.78 (at least with Icom radios).  Using 6.79 communication
with Icom radios doesn't seem to be as reliable (nonssb, noncw, 1Gh q's are
shown) as with 6.78.

Mike W9RE

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When using TR in SO2R mode and operating in SO1.5R mode is there anyway to
transfer the rx freq from the second rx radio to the first rx/tx radio?

Sylvan Katz - VE5ZX
Saskatoon, SK
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