[Trlog] Changing Auto QSL Interval on the fly

Dale L Martin kg5u at hal-pc.org
Fri Dec 3 12:21:21 EST 2004

>For those that do not like the idea of using two diffrent keys
> to log and end QSOs you can do a similar thing by using a method
> that N6TJ uses.
> Program the normal QSL message to be TU - this is sent with the 
>enter key
> at the end of a QSO.
> Program your F1 CQ message to be your CALLSIGN.
> So when you are running and guys are calling you are sending 
> TU at the end of each QSO - if you want to drop your callsign in
> just hit enter twice and after logging the QSO and sending TU 
> a CQ message will be launched that is just your call so it will 
> send TR N6TR on the air.
> -- 
> George Fremin III - K5TR

This is very interesting and method and brings to mind a question I 
had thought to ask but never did.....until now...

There are a lot of creative, bright people using TRLog in ways which 
maybe even the Creator (Tree) did not envision the use or write the 
code specifically for.

Are any of these innovative/creative methods not specifically 
described in the manual being documented elsewhere?  Maybe they could 
be an addendum to the manual.  In the manual section describing the 
role of the key/function, a flag near the title/heading could indicate 
the presence of an innovative/alternative use/role in the addendum.

dale, kg5u

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