[Trlog] CW speed commands

Jim Smith jimsmith at shaw.ca
Thu Dec 16 21:25:54 EST 2004

Sometimes I want to send CQs with my call sent once at normal speed and 
once at a slower speed.  The idea being that, on Sunday afternoon, the 
good ops will know what speed I'm comfortable at and, at the same time, 
to put out the welcome mat for the slower ones.

So, I put the following into the F1 message memory:

<13><13><13><13><13>\<06><06><06><06><06>  NST >

This is supposed to slow the 2nd instance of my call down by 30%, send 
it, and speed up again to the original speed (not by 30% - speedup has 
to be 43% of the slower speed).

It actually speeds up again to a speed a little faster than the original 
speed.  With auto-cq running the CQ starts running faster and faster 
each time it is played.  Sounds a little comical unless you're actually 
in a contest. 

It appears that there may be some rounding or truncation errors in the 
speed adjustment (is this integer arithmetic?) and that it may not be 
possible to get back to exactly the same speed.

But then, I routinely hit PgDn a few times for slow speed callers and 
PgUp the same number of times to get back to normal speed and have never 
noticed this problem when doing that.  i.e. I always appear to end up at 
the same speed.  It's possible, of course, that the same thing is 
occurring but over a long enough period of time that I don't notice. 

I tried <03>SPEED---<04>\<03>SPEED+++<04> but it seems that the commands 
are executed first before any characters are transmitted, thus 
cancelling each other out.

I don't want to slow down to a specific speed because I routinely adjust 
my normal speed to suit conditions.  I would like the slower speed to 
reduce by the same ratio.

Also, the change in speed produced by 5 CTRL-S characters is less than 
the expected 5x6% = 30%.  Hmm... maybe each 6% acts on the new speed.  
e.g. if speed = 30 wpm one CTRL-S would produce 28.2 wpm, the next one 
would produce 6% of that and give 26.5 and so on until 5 of them give 22 
wpm.  Well, I guess that makes sense.

Any ideas as to how I can do the slow-down/speed-up thing without my CQs 
getting the bit between their teeth and galloping off into the sunset?

73 de Jim Smith   VE7FO

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