[Trlog] CW speed commands

Jim Smith jimsmith at shaw.ca
Mon Dec 20 02:49:03 EST 2004

I gather from inputs received off-line that this problem has been around 
for a while.

I did fix it, sort of.  I found that putting some extra CTRL-S 
characters ahead of the portion which I wanted sent more slowly (approx 
30% slower) worked pretty well with speed set to 29 wpm.  i.e. The error 
in resetting to the higher speed after the 20 wpm part was small enough 
that I could auto-cq for a longer period - long enough to be worthwhile.

73, Jim   VE7FO

Jim Smith wrote:

> Sometimes I want to send CQs with my call sent once at normal speed 
> and once at a slower speed.  The idea being that, on Sunday afternoon, 
> the good ops will know what speed I'm comfortable at and, at the same 
> time, to put out the welcome mat for the slower ones.
> So, I put the following into the F1 message memory:
> <13><13><13><13><13>\<06><06><06><06><06>  NST >
> This is supposed to slow the 2nd instance of my call down by 30%, send 
> it, and speed up again to the original speed (not by 30% - speedup has 
> to be 43% of the slower speed).
> It actually speeds up again to a speed a little faster than the 
> original speed.  With auto-cq running the CQ starts running faster and 
> faster each time it is played.  Sounds a little comical unless you're 
> actually in a contest.
> It appears that there may be some rounding or truncation errors in the 
> speed adjustment (is this integer arithmetic?) and that it may not be 
> possible to get back to exactly the same speed.
> But then, I routinely hit PgDn a few times for slow speed callers and 
> PgUp the same number of times to get back to normal speed and have 
> never noticed this problem when doing that.  i.e. I always appear to 
> end up at the same speed.  It's possible, of course, that the same 
> thing is occurring but over a long enough period of time that I don't 
> notice.
> I tried <03>SPEED---<04>\<03>SPEED+++<04> but it seems that the 
> commands are executed first before any characters are transmitted, 
> thus cancelling each other out.
> I don't want to slow down to a specific speed because I routinely 
> adjust my normal speed to suit conditions.  I would like the slower 
> speed to reduce by the same ratio.
> Also, the change in speed produced by 5 CTRL-S characters is less than 
> the expected 5x6% = 30%.  Hmm... maybe each 6% acts on the new speed.  
> e.g. if speed = 30 wpm one CTRL-S would produce 28.2 wpm, the next one 
> would produce 6% of that and give 26.5 and so on until 5 of them give 
> 22 wpm.  Well, I guess that makes sense.
> Any ideas as to how I can do the slow-down/speed-up thing without my 
> CQs getting the bit between their teeth and galloping off into the 
> sunset?
> 73 de Jim Smith   VE7FO
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