[Trlog] Running TR Log on a *new* computer

Tod - Minnesota tod at k0to.us
Wed Dec 22 11:24:19 EST 2004

One of the mentioned issues with respect to using TR log is
the need (desire) to run it on a MSDOS platform in a machine
that is using XP or a similarly recent operating system.

While search for something on Googol I encountered a number
of alternatives for removable hard drives that did not
require opening the computer system case. They are devices
which slide into the front of a desk top computer much the
way that Zip Disks a Jazz Disks did. However, these
removable enclosures allow you put your very own IDE hard
disk drive in them. Since 100 MB is a huge amount of storage
for an MSDOS system, this would allow folks an opportunity
to have a totally removable operating system and off line
storage arrangement using one of the older, too small for
real computing HDD's . When they are contesting they simply
pull out the cartridge that holds the XP, ME or similar
system and plug in the one that has TR and an MSDOS
operating system. If you  have a second HDD that has a small
FAT16 partition you can even have a way to carry data
between systems without resorting to diskettes.

If you understand what I have written above you might wish
to consider doing this. If what I have written is 'Greek' to
you, I suggest you simply have a separate computer that you
use to run TR. It will save you much time and intellectual


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