[Trlog] PCMCIA Serial Ports on DOS laptop

Mike Gilmer n2mg at eham.net
Mon Feb 16 23:22:47 EST 2004

I am running a DOS partition on a Dell laptop (that uses Win2K otherwise).
I own a two-port PCMCIA serial card by Argosy that came with Windows and DOS
drivers.  It seems to work OK under Windows (it shows up at Com5 and 6).  I
use it with HyperTerminal and other terminal programs frequently at work.

But I'd like to get TR to see the card, so I ran the card's DOS
installation, but cannot get tr loopback to work.

Can someone explain the "direct" and "BIOS" request loopback makes, and/or
offer any ideas as to how to get this card to work?

Mike N2MG

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