[Trlog] Another Bandmap issue

Bob Wolbert, K6XX k6xx at ihwy.com
Thu Feb 26 14:20:16 EST 2004

Regarding the radio interface: for as long as I can remember, and with
multiple rigs (K/W, MP, MkV, K2, etc.) on many different computers and
operating systems, I've had a fundamental problem with the band map.

It's like this. I spot a station to the bandmap and don't get through
(happens all the time, unfortunately... maybe this is just me?...). I
continue S&P for 'easier' prey.

On the next pass of the band, when that station/frequency is tuned in again,
it ***SOMETIMES*** is added to the callsign field. Often, however, the
bandmap entry begins blinking, but the callsign field remains blank.

If I swap VFOs (or radios when operating SO2R), so that the program sees an
abrupt frequency change, and then switch back, _abruptly_ entering the
correct frequency for the spot, the callsign field is ALWAYS filled in
properly. This means that if I grab a bandmap spot, the call field is always
filled correctly. It only fails when I tune the signal in more slowly.  The
feature doesn't fail all the time, but does fail often--probably more than
half the time; I've come to expect this problem, so don't know just how
often it fails. Pretty sure that if you try ten callsigns/frequencies,
you'll see several failures when retuning slowly. BTW: "slowly" means the TR
frequency display is tracking the rig's display smoothly.

Again, I've tried many different rigs, rig interfaces (where required), PCs
(286s 386s, 486s, Pent, PentII, including laptops, in DOS 6.22 or windoze
95, 98, and 98SE), with and without packet (local TNC, networked TNC, and
external Telnet) and cannot remember it ever being "solid". I've also played
a bit with polling, but not enough to have a cure. My Polling parameter is
the TR default for each rig family.

I'd prefer to work everybody on the first call, but failing that, could we
find out what my (or TR's) problem may be here?**

TU & 73 de Bob, K6XX

** Yes, this is an attempt at humor. I apologize. However, even if I indeed
worked everyone on the first call, I'd still need the bandmap so I could
keep track of dupes or "unworkable stations" (such as US/VE in ARRL DX,
etc.) and could zip through the band looking for new stations faster.

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