Tod - MN tao at skypoint.com
Thu Jan 1 23:12:39 EST 2004

If you are using TR Log; an ICOM756PRO-II and a JBI products serial
controller together successfully I would like to communicate with you. I
have been having difficulties getting the TR log program to control the
radio. I attribute it to the fact that the RTS line is not set active. (At
least it doesn't seem to be active in my configuration of program and
computer). The line is activated when I run DX4WIN and the program interacts
with the radio appropriately. My CFG file is identical to a couple that have
been sent to me by others using TR log and the ICOM756PRO-II but with
different serial controllers for the radio.
I am hoping that someone on the reflector with the same system elements does
not have the same operational problem and I can learn from them what I am
doing incorrectly. Anyone who might be able to help can contact me directly
( k0to at arrl.org) or via the reflector as they see fit.

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