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I also have a couple homebrew CI-V converters that use a DS1220 chip and 5 v
reg and derive power from the com port  and don't have any problems (using
with IC-781's).  So I don't think they have to be powered by a wall wart.
Just for info.

Mike W9RE

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> Tod,
> I am not familiar whith JBI product but from you description it
> appears that
> it is very cheap and simple interface that uses RTS signal as
> power supply.
> I once built such interface(CI-V converter) using 2 transistors
> and several
> resistors. Took me about 10 minutes. TR log uses RTS signal for
> more useful
> purposes like PTT and CW so it requires that your CI-V interface is self
> sufficient and does not rely on power supplied from the serial
> port. You can
> either modify your JBI, fediing power for it from some wall cube supply or
> better yet get or build another one which would be CT-17 compatible.
> 73, Igor UA9CDC
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> If you are using TR Log; an ICOM756PRO-II and a JBI products serial
> controller together successfully I would like to communicate with you. I
> have been having difficulties getting the TR log program to control the
> radio. I attribute it to the fact that the RTS line is not set active. (At
> least it doesn't seem to be active in my configuration of program and
> computer). The line is activated when I run DX4WIN and the
> program interacts
> with the radio appropriately. My CFG file is identical to a
> couple that have
> been sent to me by others using TR log and the ICOM756PRO-II but with
> different serial controllers for the radio.
> I am hoping that someone on the reflector with the same system
> elements does
> not have the same operational problem and I can learn from them what I am
> doing incorrectly. Anyone who might be able to help can contact
> me directly
> ( k0to at arrl.org) or via the reflector as they see fit.
> Thanks.
> Tod, KØTO
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