[Trlog] Fwd: CTRL + O won't work

Jim Smith jimsmith at shaw.ca
Thu Jan 8 00:12:17 EST 2004

The purpose of CTRL-O is to give you a list of the calls you have worked 
on, in this case, 4 bands.  i.e. if you have worked P40B on 10, 15, 20, 
and 80 P40B will show in the list.  If you have only worked him on 3 
bands then he won't be on the list.  The reason for wanting to know this 
is that he should be an easy mult on 40 so go find him before 40 closes 
to that area.  Without this list you might forget to make sure you get 
him in the log.

Now, if you're using the simulator I bet all the contacts you logged are 
on the same band.  i.e. you didn't change bands in TR from time to 
time.  Even if you do, you have to work the same station on each of 4 
bands for it to show on the list.

I suggest that you change the setting to 2 or whatever is the minimum, 
get on in the NAQP, make a bunch of Qs on various bands and try CTRL-O 
from time to time.  Shouldn't be long before stations start showing up 
in the list.

73 de Jim Smith   VE7FO

Eric Hilding wrote:

> I had previously written:
>> Hmmm...other CTRL + (somekey) things work, but not CTRL + O.
>> I made a bunch of QSO's in the Simulator with about 95 different 
>> Mults.  Tried CTRL + O in both Simulator mode & switch it to False & 
>> reloaded but it still won't work.
>> Any ideas?
> FYI, I had QSO's and the MULT REPORT MINIMUM BANDS = 4 (as default) 
> was showing.  I further manually added this statement to the .cfg file 
> thinking that might solve the problem but it didn't...either in 
> Simulator mode or not.
> Using the ARRL CW DX Contest format.
> I'm baffled!
> 73...
> Rick, K6VVA
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