[Trlog] Fwd: CTRL + O won't work (fwd)

Eric Hilding dx35 at hilding.com
Thu Jan 8 04:30:21 EST 2004

At 03:58 AM 1/8/04 -0800, Jim Smith VE7FOwrote:

>The purpose of CTRL-O is to give you a list of the calls you have worked
>on, in this case, 4 bands.  i.e. if you have worked P40B on 10, 15, 20,
>and 80 P40B will show in the list.  If you have only worked him on 3
>bands then he won't be on the list.  The reason for wanting to know this
>is that he should be an easy mult on 40 so go find him before 40 closes
>to that area.  Without this list you might forget to make sure you get
>him in the log.

Hi, Jim:

I really appreciate your detailed info & tnx to others who have responded 
as well.

Hmmm...the TR Manual says "Multipliers", not "stations.  So in the ARRL CW 
DX Contest (the Contest format I'm using), CA, VT, BC, etc. would all be 
Multipliers IMHO.  But you got me thinking...see next.

>Now, if you're using the simulator I bet all the contacts you logged are
>on the same band.  i.e. you didn't change bands in TR from time to
>time.  Even if you do, you have to work the same station on each of 4
>bands for it to show on the list.

OK...in addition to sticking the MULT REPORT MINIMUM BANDS = 4 manually 
into the .cfg file (the Manual says the default is 4 so really shouldn't 
need to do anything, actually, unless I'm misunderstanding TR.  I had 
already tried manuall dropping it to = 2 with no difference in results.

Believe it or not, I *did* change bands in the Simulator :-)  So, went 
looking for my own State (a/k/a "Mult") and did find QSO's on 160, 40, 15 & 
10 meters.  But in the event the "Mult" is considered to be the "Station", 
I checked a pal's call I had put in and found only had him on 3 bands.  So 
I just "worked him" on the 4th band and then tried CTRL + O again.  Same 
results:  nada zip squat.

Log Entries:
  10CW  07-Jan-04 18:10  405  W6SC           599  599 Ca                      0
  15CW  07-Jan-04 18:11  406  W6SC           599  599 Ca            0
  40CW  07-Jan-04 23:58  467  W6SC           599  599 Ca                      3
160CW  08-Jan-04 04:09  477  W6SC           599  599 Ca                      3

>I suggest that you change the setting to 2 or whatever is the minimum,
>get on in the NAQP, make a bunch of Qs on various bands and try CTRL-O
>from time to time.  Shouldn't be long before stations start showing up
>in the list.

"Been there, done that", and = 2 didn't work when my pal's call was in 
there 2 or 3 times already!!!

BTW, I've also tried CTRL + O in NON-simulator mode with same results!

I believe I understand how this is *supposed* to work, but would appreciate 
clarification about the term "Multipliers" indicated in the Manual.   Are 
they actual "Multipliers" as commonly referred to (CA, VT, BC), or are they 
actually station callsigns???

Here's an interesting observation I just made:  The manual says "DX 
Multipliers".  I can interpret that as meaning TR only works for CTRL + O 
if you are a W/VE stations working "DX" stations which get logged.  But 
that wouldn't make any sense, because I know TR is used by many, many "DX" 

Maybe Tree can shed some light on this matter.   I'm just trying to get any 
kinks worked out here before I head for KP2!!!

Tnx for your valiant efforts here, Jim.


Rick, K6VVA

P.S. One more possibility just came to mind:  I am NOT using a TRMASTER 
file at the moment.  Does CTRL + O work only from that instead of the 
Log???  There's no mention of such a necessity in the MULT REPORT MINIMUM 
BANDS text.

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