[Trlog] WPX Multi-2 Serial Numbers

Mirko Sibilja s57ad at amis.net
Thu Jan 8 17:10:19 EST 2004

How about SO2R setup at running station, probably with two keyboards?

Mirko, S57AD
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> > Also, we may well have an extra station S&Ping on the 
> > running band, interleaving QSOs as timing permits. How
> > should the numbering for this station be handled by TR-Log?
> You will just need to make sure that the run and s&p guy 
> are talking to eachother and deal with it just like you 
> would if you were doing this on paper.
> If the S&P guy is at a third computer you will need to make sure 
> that the QSO number you are going to give out is one plus the 
> last one the run guy gave out - you can get out of sync if there
> are any network delays etc.
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