[Trlog] Tnx to all you helpful guys!!! RE: CTRL+O & Auto-CQ SpeedUP

Eric Hilding dx35 at hilding.com
Thu Jan 8 10:14:38 EST 2004

First of all, I'd like to say TNX to ALL who have been so kind to respond 
so promptly to my recent CTRL+O and Auto-CQ SpeedUP posts (including the 
author-Tree)!!!  What a great group of helpful guys here.

As a "has been" trying to get back in the CW Contesting game, the more I've 
tweaked around with TR, the more I now understand now why ZD8Z and many of 
the NCCC gang suggesting using TR for CW vs. the WinDOZE alternatives.

I've actually found the Simulator to be an EXTREMELY valuable tool here as 
I've been trying to get my code speed back up after 25+ years away & very 
QLF :-)  It's really a pretty Genius idea Tree incorporated into the 
Program for practice.  Tnx, OM.

Tree N6TR clarified the CTRL+O matter:

 >> Maybe Tree can shed some light on this matter. I'm just trying to get any
 >> kinks worked out here before I head for KP2!!!
 >As I remember (it has been about 7 years since I have though about 
 > this only works for DX countries and perhaps zones. It was created with the
 > CQ WW contest in mind.

My added "Wish List" item would be, however, to have the CTRL+O MULT REPORT 
MINIMUM BANDS tweaked up to work with the ARRL DX & SS contests...it could 
come in handy for the rare VE/VY section needs in SS or if operating as 
DX.  In any event, my suggestion is for the next Manual Revision to 
c-l-a-r-i-f-y the CTRL+O limitations for us Newbies & Has Beens.

Igor, UA9CDC commented in response to Pete, N4ZR's reply about WPM speed-ups:

 > It is not needed in Auto-CQ but valuable when you get called 2-3 times a
 > minute with normal CQ. The difference between 599 at normal speed and 
5nn at
 > double speed may easily be up to 1 sec. Multiplied by 3000-4000 qso in 48
 > hour contest can save you the hole extra hour.

I can actually see how some time can also be gained during the Auto-CQ 
process, which is why I've been experimenting.  Still haven't found a way 
to increase/decrease the WPM speed *while* it's CQ'ing, though.  Not a 
major need, of course.

If you hear some bizarre CW stuff coming out of TR when I'm at KP2CW (*), 
you'll know I just got a little "carried away" with some of the unique 
capabilities of this awesome program and am having fun in the midst of the 
grueling work :-)


Rick, K6VVA

(*) Assuming it gets assigned in a week or so :-)

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