[Trlog] DOS Window Display Difficulties +++

Eric Hilding dx35 at hilding.com
Fri Jan 9 23:12:53 EST 2004

Well, I decided to try putting TR on an older WIN95 Notebook tonight before 
the NCCC pre-NAQP test run.  This was a disaster for me, as was getting 
some erratic behaviors...like things blinking on & off on the screen 
&  weird CW at times.  This all was on top of certain operator QLF, of 
course...and a need to more thoroughly work through some S&P functionalities.

But the guys gave me some new tips...including to reboot the computer into 
MS-DOS mode instead which I tried.  Unfortunately, TR now shows all 
"squashed" with much left over blank/black screen above & below.

So I went into the DOS Properties, and set it for Full Screen, and also 
individually re-set and re-booted at the Default, 25, 43 & 50 lines options 
for the display but always got the same results...a "squashed" appearing TR 
which just won't do.  I'm baffled!!!

I'm also concerned if there is sufficient memory for 5,000+ QSOs.  Here's 
what 'mem' yields:

Lower			640K		28K		612K
Upper			139K		139K		0K
Reserved		256K		256K		0K
Extended(XMS)	31,733K	97K		31,456K
Total Memory		32,768K	520K		32,248K

Largest Executable Program Size	612K

Largest Free Upper Memory Block	0K

MS-DOS is Resident in the High Memorary Area

Thanks much for any help with this.


Rick, K6VVA

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