[Trlog] A right syntax for PREFIX MULTIPLIER configuration?

Jari Koski OH6QU oh6qu at netikka.fi
Sun Jan 11 17:59:49 EST 2004

While configuring the TRLog 6.79 for 10m Nordic Activity Contest (NAC) I ran
into the troubles with PREFIX MULTIPLIER configuration. I tried to set
PREFIX MULTIPLIER = SAC DISTRICTS but the program gets halted in that
particular configuration line. Any advice what is the correct syntax for
this selection?

I try to configure the program in a way that it will recognize all 10 call
areas (OH0, OH1, OH2, ...) in Finland as their own multipliers.
Unfortunately configuration with PREFIX MULTIPLIER = SAC DISTRICTS will
consider call areas in all other Nordic countries (SM, LA, OZ,...) as
multipliers as well. This implies that I need to do manual editing to the
log file after the contest to get rid of all non-domestic multipliers.

I guess the other way around is to add all call areas in Finland as their
own "countries" to CTY.DAT and then delete the rest of the world from that
file. Any better ideas how to recognize just the domestic call areas as
prefix multipliers?

Jari OH6QU

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