[Trlog] Multi op single xmtr

Paul Beringer ng7z at arrl.net
Sun Jan 11 10:15:18 EST 2004

In next week's SSB NAQP, we plan on using two ops and one transmitter. Rule
9 on the NCJ web site states in part, "If the name sent is changed during
the contest, as sometimes happens with multi-operator stations, the name
used for each QSO must be clearly identified in the log."
The entry classifications are either single op or multi op two transmitters.
A second radio is not an option due to my friends limited space where we'll
be operating. So I guess we will be operating as the second classification.
My question is this. How do I configure TR to be able to change names during
the contest when we swap operators? Is there a control key or alt key
command that I don't know about? Or maybe just make a cntrl-N note when we
swap and massage the log afterwards? I haven't a clue.
Paul NG7Z
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