[Trlog] Out-of-band indication gone in 6.79

Tree tree at kkn.net
Sun Jan 11 21:40:20 EST 2004

> It seems not to do anything at the band edge or 10 kc beyond it on the WARC
> bands now, so is either fully broken or has been abandoned.

Pretty much now - if the radio returns a frequency that is not in a band,
the program will not change bands.  This was done to pretty much put an 
end to the NONCW issue.


Maybe after I get the radio interface spiffed up, we can put it back.

BTW - I am currently in the middle of a very major change to how the 
radio interface code is written.  I have been working on this for two 
weeks now, and will probably be working on it for another week or two.

During this time, it is impossible for me to really think about any of
the other issues.  


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