[Trlog] SSB SO2R with a DVK?

kd4d at comcast.net kd4d at comcast.net
Mon Jan 12 20:04:24 EST 2004

Good afternoon, all:

I've just been asked about the impact of replacing an 
SO2R master and internal DVP with an Array Solutions 
ZS4TX Super Combo keyer Version II.

It appears to me that, from reading the ZS4TX manual
and the TRLog manual, that there is no impact on
CW operation, using TRLog as the keyer and to generate
CW.  The ZS4TX box appears to be essentially a DVK.

It appears, though, that some SO2R functions are lost
in SSB with any DVK, particularly the ability to 
automatically launch a CQ message on the run radio 
after calling a station on the second radio and 
after sending the exchange to a station on the 
second radio...the CQ ALT F3 memory.  The issue 
appears to be that TRLog has no way of knowing 
when the transmission on the second radio has 

In fact, I can't figure out how the receive audio 
can get switched correctly between the radios using
two radio mode (ALT-D on the second radio followed by

Before I arrange to drive 70 miles or so to test this
theory, Is anyone out there using SSB SO2R with a DVK?

This would appear to be fixable by adding a parameter
defining the length (in tenths of seconds maybe?)
of each DVK message to the TR program, and using
that interval to control the switching.

Have I misunderstood something here (probably :-))?  

I'll worry about other logging programs after I get 
TRLog figured out. :-)

Thanks in advance for any help and 73.

Mark, KD4D

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