[Trlog] TR Logged SSB QSOs as CW

K4RO Kirk Pickering k4ro at k4ro.net
Mon Jan 19 09:37:08 EST 2004

I use LOG FREQUENCY ENABLE in contests that don't require
a serial number, so I can see where I was on the band.
A couple of times (twice in 800 QSOs) the logged QSO
frequency went to "000" as seen in the middle QSO example 
below.  The first time it happened, I saw the mode switch 
to CW, so I immediately set "MULTIPLE MODES = FALSE." That
seemed to solve the problem of logging on the wrong mode. 

20SSB 17-Jan-04 20:47 .191A AC4GT         NATHAN      Sc           Sc       1
20SSB 17-Jan-04 20:48 .000A WZ7G          TERRY       Wa                    1
10SSB 17-Jan-04 20:49 .447B W6TA          STU         Ca                    1$

I hope Tree doesn't wind up looking like me trying to 
re-do the radio interface.  (I'm bald as a cue ball.)

-Kirk  K4RO

On Mon, Jan 19, 2004 at 12:48:47AM -0600, Tree wrote:
> This sounds like another reason why I am pulling my hair out
> redoing the whole radio interface section of the code.  You
> might try 6.84 or something earlier until I have it resolved.

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