[Trlog] TR Logged SSB QSOs as CW

Eric Hilding dx35 at hilding.com
Tue Jan 20 12:54:59 EST 2004

Tree, N6TR wrote:
> > This sounds like another reason why I am pulling my hair out redoing 
> the whole
> > radio interface section of the code.   You might try 6.84 or something 
> earlier
> > until I have it resolved.

George, K5TR contributed:
>I find that turning on the FILTER SHORT RADIO MESSAGES seems
>to solve this for my 850.

TNX, George.  This seemed to nuke the erratic flip-flop of the display from 
SSB to CW while tuning.

Kirk, K4RO said the following solve a similar problem with frequencies 

Great, Kirk.  I think I'll just go ahead and add this line as well to be on 
the safe side.

Many TNX, guys.  Looks like I wasn't the only one having difficulties as 
evidenced by other posts.  I'm trying to shake out any glitches before the 
real deal at KP2CW in the contest.


Rick, K6VVA

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