[Trlog] Stuck operation in ARRL 160

Eric Hilding b38 at hilding.com
Fri Jan 23 22:20:54 EST 2004

I wanted to spend a few hours in the ARRL 160, and setup a new .cfg per the 
setup walkthrough.

For some reason, TR would NOT log the QSO (either from CQ or S&P) when I 
pressed the Enter Button.

UNLESS...I manually Enterted "599" before the State.

To see if this was some new kind of "Global" problem in TR, I loaded up 
another .cfg file and things worked as normal....didn't have to enter the 
"599"...only the other part of the exchange.

I then cloned all the info in my NAQP .cfg file and changed the name to 
ARRL 160 (along with the exchange info) hoping it would work but the same 
thing... I had to MANUALLY type in 599 State for each QSO in order for them 
to be logged.



Rick, K6VVA

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