[Trlog] New version update

Tree tree at kkn.net
Sun Jan 25 14:56:19 EST 2004

I thought I would update everyone on the status of the next version.

As you might remember, this version has some major changes in how the radio
communication is done.  In fact, it affects all of the serial interfaces.

The program has finally gotten to the point where I can read the frequencies
of my Kenwood TS850s.  This is a big step and once I get some of the rough
edges ironed out with them, it should be pretty straight forward to add
the other radio types.

I will likely use the new version during the upcoming CW Sprint to make 
sure there aren't any issues with the new methods during the heat of 

I don't know for sure yet when this new version will be released.  I wouldn't
count on it for the CW ARRL DX contest, but perhaps for the phone running.

During this time, I have pretty much ignored any other issues raised on 
the reflector.  I will get to those messages soon after getting this work


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